About Us

The MIÁ LUZ RESORT brand was established in Israel by an Israeli designer in 2019.

The brand specializes in women’s resort clothing.

The combination of quality materials Combining the quality of the garment, the production process, the inspiration and the sources we draw from, make us unique and attractive to our customers.

It is important for us to maintain unique product lines for a quality brand quality lines throughby using fabrics that are light, airy, comfortable, feminine and colorful fabrics.

We believe in coexistence and collaboration that integrates all parts of the population throughout the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of our products in manufacturing processes that provide employment and trade that integrates all types of populations. Our hope is to bridge the gap between Jews and Arabs who are integrated into our work process.

MIÁ LUZ RESOTR brand Inspires draws its inspiration from places around all over the world, landscapes, beaches, small alleys, balconies, patios spaces. Places that for us signify symbolize freedom and for the locals are their natural environment. Part As part of our creative process and similarities we develop a relationship betweenis the identification of authenticity and innovation of in clothing that comes from unfamiliar exotic towns, cultures and festivals.

The essence of the brand is to shows all the shadesfacets of the world through our creationcreativity.