The MIÁ LUZ RESORT brand is an exclusive resort label that stands for timeless quality for women. Our brand specializes in classic and feminine cuts combined with high-quality and natural materials. The thought process and exacting choices in the development of cuts and quality materials are source of the brand’s unique reputation.

We take our inspiration from resort towns around the world, cultures and beaches exotic. The small patios, antique balconies mixed with views of the sea, white wine and the Mediterranean spirit are an inseparable part of the story behind our brand.

The meticulous attention paid to unique and timeless details and the hand work that goes into our products so that they remain part of your wardrobe are the values that guide us.

Part of the founding principles of the brand is to let you experience the look and feel of the garment on you at a nice place. You are welcome to visit our store at 31 Allenby, Tel Aviv, Israel.