The model is wearing size S.

The maximum waist circumference of the overall for size S is 95 cm (37.4”), the waist circumference for the M size is 110 cm (43.3”).

Situated among the villages in the north of Spain is the town of Santillana del Mar, built in the Middle Ages and perfectly preserved from that time. The Spanish call it “the most beautiful village in Spain”. Between the streets paved with marble, historic building with small wooden balconies and unique museums, we created our new overalls. When we created them we thought of the colors that we wanted to wear, inspired by its unique atmosphere and scenery.

The overall is long and wintery made of satin or suede, the waist is elastic and a belt that creates a good fit and compliments the dimension the upper and lower body. The model has antique copper colored .

The cloth of the leopard print satin overall – 70% silk 30% alstn

Washing instructions: Gently only.

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